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Denarips and Vinshine split
Just do yourself a favor and buy a used DCS instead you’re welcome.   
VIBORG power cords
I just got one cable and I was so impressed I found another seller in China who is going to get me custom silver plated versions for $150 each. I’m pretty excited going to A/B them but likely going to do all my pieces with them. Not the one above ... 
Aurender N100h usb to Qutest dac issues -SOS-
So the Pontus fell through and now I’m considering going overboard with a terminator   
Questions to Denafrips Terminator Plus owners (the break-in)
I’m thinking about matting the terminator with my aurender N100. I’m worried since you need to use USB did you end up with a good match?   
Aurender N100h usb to Qutest dac issues -SOS-
My Qutest is almost new. I tried changing the voltage last night from 3 to 2 and it seemed to be gone. Did you keep yours at 3Vs? I’m thinking about getting the Denafrips Pontus II 12th I have the ability to audition one in my system and decide if... 
Aurender N100h usb to Qutest dac issues -SOS-
what worked I have the same pieces same problem??? Please!