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Budget Power Cords, which brand to choose?
TWL power cords are a "must audition" for anyone who cares about upgrading the sound of their system. Different model (gauge) cords for different applications make them user friendly. In my system, they made an improvement in each piece of equipme... 
Review: Triode Wire Labs Seven Plus Power cord
Disclaimer: There are two parts to this review. Please read ALL of it.Quite a while back, I tried one of Pete's "developmental" cords in my system. (I think it was an "8") It was so long ago that Pete didn't even have any TWL markings on it yet! I... 
Chord cables Epic and Anthem 2 models
I'm looking for the same info., except I'm running Naim electronics with Von Schweikert speakers. Has anybody out there compared NAC A5 Naim cable to the Chord Epic or any other speaker cable favorably or un-favorably?