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Shengya,Kavent,Vincent -all the same
Looking alike doesn't mean sounding alike. Take the LSA integrated amps, which come in three versions, all based on the same chassis and faceplate. They range from $3200 to $9000. The differences are all on the inside. It seems logical to find a C... 
Gallo REfF3's-All their cracked up to be?
In comments on the Reference 3 I see mentions of "lean bass" and I agree. Almost all speakers have some bass augmentation from cabinet resonances that add bass/mid-bass/warmth/fat-bass. We have all grown to expect this sound and I think we unconco... 
Audio Apature cables?
They are the AV Poly cable. They are a very nice low priced ($25 meter pair) step up cable. I sold them for many years and everyone was well pleased with them at their price.