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Amp for Thiel CS6
I heard a demo room with Thiel 6's and the Ayre amp . . . spooky !! 
Amo Experiences with Thiel CS6s?
I've auditioned 6's with the Ayre components (pre amp and amp). Very Nice.I purchased some 7's and am driving them with a ML 336. Also very nice !! 
Upgrade Thiel 7 s to 7.2 s ?
the 7.2's retail for 13K new . . .the 7's are running in the 3K range used. The speakers are being driven by a Levinson 336, transparent cables. Supposedly the upgrade replaces all of the drivers with drivers that Thiel now produces in-house. It a... 
Best speaker cable ????
Running a Levinson 336 and Thiel 7's. Using Transparent Ultra cables bought on audiogon for a good price. Transparent cables provide a very nice sound. 
Balance ??
So, my follow up question is that if you have a choice between rca's and a balanced interconnect, then the balanced choice is a "no brainer", then, right ??