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Great guys to deal with in the audio industry
@Jameswei I know. It is pretty rare these days to get that kind of service. I am lucky enough to live in the San Francisco, which is not too long of a drive. 
Great guys to deal with in the audio industry
Ray Leung of Von Gaylord audio. Ray went above and beyond when I bought my equipment from him. He came over, tuned and installed everything to perfection. He then came by a couple weeks later to make sure that everything was to my expectations. To... 
Who makes the highest quality tube amps?
Von Gaylord Audio designs some awesome tube gear. I have the entire line and I am smitten. 
Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner Share
I am located in San Francisco and might be interested in a share. 
Brinkmann/Spiral Groove/TW Acustic Black Night...?
I have a spiral groove sg2 with the tri-planar and I am smitten. Great prat and very musical. Just how vinyl should sound. 
Who here uses Von Gaylord amps or other gear?
I have a complete Von Gaylord Audio system and could not be happier. Ray has been incredible to work with. Anyone who is considering the gear and is in San Francisco, is welcome to stop by my place to check it out. I am waiting for my LignoLabs ra... 
What are some good tube amps that rock? KT88's?
I second the Von Gaylord amps. I have the UNI's and they are pretty special. 
von gaylord new VG1 and VG1 PLUS speakers
I just auditioned these speakers and subsequently purchased them less than a week into the audition. I had B&W 803D's prior to the VG1 Plus and there is simply no comparison. The vocals are out of this world good. They are in a completely diff... 
Preamp Options
Thanks everyone. 
Preamp Options
Thanks for the feedback everyone. 
Preamp Options
Kurt_tank thank you for the response. I am not too worried about a remote, since I have to get up all the time to flip the LP. I currently have the Lamm LP2 deluxe, which sounds awesome and made me want to consider additional Lamm gear.I currently...