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Speaker List
Size 14x28 is not a small room. You can place the speakers on the 14' size. A pair of used Tannoy TD-12's is worth considering. 
Yamaha T-80 tuner FM connector type?
I got the right adapter from RadioShack. It's called "F(US)-to-PAL(European)" Adapter. It costs me $2.99 plus tax.Thanks for the help! 
Creek 5350R Vs. Creek 5350SE?
Based on the Creek Audio website, the main differences of the two are:1. 5350R: 75x2 wpc into 8 ohms 5350SE: 85x2 wpc into 8 ohms2. 5350R: Maximum Current > 20 amps 5350SE: Maximum Current > 30 ampsAnd, 5350SE consumes more watts. Both use t... 
250 watts: why so much power?
I leave my amp on all the time. Will a 300 wpc amp consume about 3 times more electricity than a 100 wpc amp when idle?Also, a speaker with 8 ohms impedance harder or easier for an amp to drive than a 4 ohms speaker? 
Using a studio monitor for home listening?
Thanks for the comments.I have a modest budget, so I cannot afford to buy a pair of new Dynaudio monitors. Then, I found that I can buy a new pair of Dynaudio nearfield monitor MB6's for about $700 plus shipping. The BM6's seem to have a better sp... 
Using a studio monitor for home listening?
Thanks for the comments. While doing research for buying pair of monitors for my bedroom listening, I found that Dynaudio has monitors for hi-fi consumer market (e.g., Audience and Contour series); it also has a line of pro-studio monitors (e.g., ... 
Biggest Sound in the Littliest Box
The keyword here is the "Littliest" box. Have you heard the Tannoy mercury M1's? This tiny speaker is a bit taller than a regular magazine and smaller in width (300 x 170 x 210mm (11.8 x 6.7 x 8.3in)). Another tiny one is Dynaudio Audience 42 (11.... 
Wanted... Advice - Best Speaker for McIntosh Amp
I like my setup: MA6450 and Tannoy D500. The D500 is a very good buy at ~$1600 used. Excellent imaging, tight bass, and very enjoyable to listen to (not bright al all). 
Top Ten Speakers of All Time?
No Tannoy speakers? I thought their Concentric drivers are pretty good. 
Bi-wiring using both speaker 1 and 2 outputs
Thanks for the info. It's good to know that I am not along doing this. I had some difficulties inserting 2 12awg bare wires into the same speaker connector, that's why I use this scheme. BTW, the McIntosh MA6450 works *very well* with my Tannoy De... 
Quality of Stereophile Class A speakers at 2K?
I don't know much about the classification scheme used by the Stereophile magazine, but my experience tells me a pair of Tannoy D500 sounds very good (street price around $3000 new or $1600 used). The build quality is first rate, and it's georgeou... 
The best CD Player for the money
Sony DVP-7000 ~$250 used (an excellent DVD player as well). 
Class A, B, C? What do they mean?
I often read "Stereophile class A" amp. It seems Stereophile class A is not the same as "class A bias" amp. What does "Stereophile Class A" mean for a piece of an equipment?