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Video Question: Plazma or LCD???
Plasma! LCD is way to bright for me. 
Best Outboard PreAmp With Krell HTS 7.1 Pass-Thru?
Try Blue Circle. 
Personal CD player evolution
1. JVC circa 19852. Adcom GCD 500 I believe? It was Adcom's first cd player.3. Nakamichi MB5 - The music bank was a great idea but not reliable.4. Pioneer Elite CLD 79 - I know, I know, this was a laser disc player but it had a separate cd tray th... 
Blue Circle BC-24 & BC-28 How do they compare??
I agree with Cellorover. I actually have a BC24 for sale on Audiogon. I've got some big home projects coming so I have decided to part with the amp. Let me know if you are interested. 
Best Amp for 2000$ or lower. New or Used
Blue Circle BC24(80wpc)Hybrid. A BC28(120wpc)is even better but tough to find under $2000 used. 
REL or Veloydne Subwoofer
Try a REL. Find a dealer who will let you take one home for a weekend. It will take a few days to dial it in. 
Blue Circle BC-86 III
I recently hooked up two in my system. I was getting alot of noise when I had various appliances running. The BC86's seems to have fixed the problem. Worth the money! 
What amp to drive B&W N 804's
I've got the Aragon upgraded Act 3. I want to keep this because I just got it upgraded and love the features! My cd player is an older Pioneer elite. Any amp thoughts?