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What are the weak points of Pass amps and pre-amps ?
I have not heard all of Pass Labs amps, but from recollection of a few I did owned it’s good but not great.I had the X350, X350.5, XA100.5, XA160.5, XA160.8, compares to MSB M202, M203, Lamm M2.2 and ARC REF250 and even Bryston 28B3, one would won... 
Looking for THE amp to anchor my system, Krell, Plinius or maybe a D
You liked the sounds of the 402e, then you will absolutely loves the new Krell DUO 300. It still have the power and bass but even more refine than the 402e.  
Need Suggestions for speakers up to $15K new/used
Add the Magico S5 to your short list. 
Rubidium Clock
Yes, I'm looking to add a external clock to the D1s and then output the clock signal from the D1 to the RedNet D16.BTW, the RedNet is the real deal, just replaced my USB set up and was amazed of the immediate improvement in SQ, worth every pennies... 
Rubidium Clock
zephyr24069,You mentioned something about the HDPlex LPS, do you think it would be possible for Cybershaft to manufacture a unit to accept the power from the HDPlex.I just contacted Cybershaft and mentioned that I have a few HDPlex LPS units layin... 
Solid state amp to replace my Audio Research Ref 150 amp
Speakers was Hansen The Prince V2 and Focal Nova Be. 
Solid state amp to replace my Audio Research Ref 150 amp
Last year when I was in the market for a new set of amps, I had all these amps at the same time  and did a thorough comparison. My findings as follows: Ref250, Lamm 2.2, Pass Labs XA160.5 and XA100.5, Krell 402e and Levinson No. 532 and I likes th...