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Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
For a secondary system, these small speakers are sublime!Look (glossy black, small and nice proportions) and Sound.Despite cheap components being used.The guy who calculated the enclosure and the crossover is a genius. Yves 
Review: Marantz CD-67 se CD Player
I don't agree at all. I had one during one week, and compared it to a Muse Model 2 DAC (ok, 4 times more expensive). The Marantz didn't have deep bass, the soundstage was forward and fuzzy, details were absent, etc.A big disappointment. 
Active Crossovers--Who knows about them?
The choice is very limited. I know Rane (Linkwitz-Riley 24 db/octave, +- $400 ?), Madisound (Idem), Bryston (6, 12 or 18 db/octave, +-$1000, Marchand XM-6 (L-R 24 db/octave, +-$800 ?).