120 gb MP3 Player for Auto Stereo Kenwood Excelon DDX9903S

My new auto stereo plays flac files...of which I have a bunch. I’d like a newer MP3 player (that will play flac, ape) and that will integrate well into my new Kenwood auto stereo with album artwork, navigating the music library from the Kenwood screen, etc....I use both DBPoweramp and JRiver for my home set up.

Any suggestions? I’d like to keep it around $300-$400.

Why not just use a usb stick? Load it at home and play on the road?

Am I right when I see that this Kenwood model supports both Apple & Android devices? But an iPod is out because of FLAC, right? So we're down to Android devices in that ballpark, right? 

I have a 120gb stick....they're almost free these days....but I want album art and I do not think a USB stick will provide this...I'll try... ...