Best cd player

Looking to upgrade my cd player. I own a Linn Karik and Numeric dac and would like to know if people are familiar with these and can offer a better sound. Looking to spend less than $8000 and much less.
I have heard many CD players from Linn, Sony ES, Meridian, Oracle, and others. I like the Sony CDP-XA7ES, for which I had used as a reference in my high-end showroom for the last couple of years. At this year's CES in Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to hear the Sony SCD-1 ($5,000) Super Audio CD player, and wow! It exceeded my expectations. As soon as I have one in my showroom, I can let you know if it will become my new reference source. Other dealers and reviewers that I talk to, and that I respect, tell me that there is no other player that can hold a candle to SACD in representing the original master tapes. Even in CD mode, they will match any CD player in their price class (the SCD-777ES included, $3,500). From what I heard at the show, I would have to agree. I recommend that you hear SACD for yourself. Happy listening, -Donald -- W Enterprises Northwest -Offering the Finest Values in High End Audio ****** | 503-282-0742 fax | ****** Audes | Clayton | DH Labs | KR Enterprise | Merlin | Silverline Audio Tyler Acoustics™ | We are a Class A Dealer on
I also vote for the Sony XA7ES. I can't tell the difference between its output when used direct to pre-amp or when routed through my excellent Muse Model Two DAC.
Donald is right-on about the Sony SACD player. It makes music! Also, Pioneer has a new DVD player that plays both the DVD 24/96 AND the SACD format. I have not heard that unit and can't comment. Check out their site for that model.
given the budget, best dac theta gen va and work with theta when the upgrade to 24/96 is available. i would match this with the theta jade transport. THIS IS ONE OF THE TOP FIVE DIGITAL FRONT ENDS BAR NONE AT ANY PRICE!!!!! i recommend picking up a used gen va for about $2000 and you may have to go with a new jade but a new one is about $2500. WAY UNDER YOUR TARGET OF $8000. state of the art digital front end and its UPGRADEABLE as technology changes. i lay down anyone to challenge this performance/price combination and its upgradeability.
I have owned many players and the two that have stood out are the Krell 30i and the CAL CL-10. The 30i versatility of several digital inputs makes it's DAC available for many transports. I also have a Sony SACD 777es which is nice but does sound better when in regular CD mode coming thru the 30i.
have you heard of the new electrocompaniet ECM-1 top loading cd player? retail price is $3995.00, the word is it's very analog like! I am a new dealer for this product and have one on order. please reply if interested.