120V AC to 100V AC adapter:

I have a nice Marantz SA8400 stereo SACD player. Alas, it is a Japanese model, which expects 100V AC, not 120V.

I have a few questions.
1. Could I mod the transformer in the SACD player to swap to 120V easily?
2. Are there any "audiophile" grade AC transformers readily available to do this?
3. Would something like a PS Audio Power Plant P300 set to the lowest voltage setting I could push it to be worth the effort? Or should I just get a different SACD Player?
There are 120 to 100 volt step down transformers.

Some people use 100 volt units on 120 current with no ill effects. A friend's ac is typically 110 volts while mine is 124 volts. He could probably just plug it in. I cannot.