15k USD Speakers for Classical and Pop Extended Listening, Near setup, Low volume

Dear Audiophiles,

I am looking for some speakers for my home office. Speakers would be place 6ft from me on either side of my desk. Speakers will be 8 ft apart.

I love classical music and pop. I am looking for speakers for extended listening at not very high volume. They should be warm and non fatiguing.

I am currently considering following speakers:

1. Monitor Audio Gold 300

2. ATC SCM40

3. Kef R7 Meta

Do you have any other suggestions. Thanks and appreciate your help!



ilikeclassical OP

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Thanks everyone. I have finalized the choice to the following:

Harbeth p3esr xd

Hegel H190v - launching in May

Look forward to it!


@ilikeclassical I’m curious (read the thread but I didn’t chime in since “warm” speaker = not for me, but the proper pairs can be great!): are you sticking with the double-configuration of 2 sets of speakers for the room? 

Do a search for Shahinian Acoustic Larc speakers. For some reason they are not on the website, which hasn't been updated since day 1. The late Richard Shahinian  designed his speakers around large scale orchestral music. I had the Diapasons but sold them because they were too large for my current listening room. Somedays I dream about moving back to my previous home and having them again. They are very musical. 

I just sold my Monitor Audio Gold 300s 5G. Spectacular speaker and great bottom end. I drove them with Hegel H590. They filled up a very large room, 15x25 Living, Dining area. So Im confused how you want these very large speakers at the end of your desk???

But they are an amazing performance and the tweeter is proprietary and sweet sounding.  Stop you in the tracks. 

I sold them to a man who wanted rock at very high volume. I played a vinyl copy of Pink Floyd Dark side of the moon with some thunderous bass segments. He bought them on the spot. Good luck and I hope you enjoy them if they are your choice. PS they recently raised the price from 7.5K to 9.5K! Yikes.

@dherring - Thanks for your feedback. I realized that they are too much for my need.

I settled on following for my desk:

Harbeth p3esr xd

Hegel H190v - launching in May