2 Channel (non-computer) System and Audio Streaming

Greetings all, 

I am seeking guidance from the vast experience of the Audiogon family on the various aspects of streaming and system set-up for a two channel audio system. Most of the articles and forums I have read tend to focus on computer (PC, Mac, PS) streaming instead of dedicated two-channel systems. I am seeking input on user experiences with cabling and setup for my system.

To give you an idea of my system, please see below:
  • Simaudio Moon W-3 Amp @ 120W/channel
  • Conrad-Johnson PV-L14 Pre-amp
  • Vandersteen Treo CT speakers
  • Oppo BDP 105D CD/DVD/BP/Streamer
  • Cocktail Audio X-45 Streamer/internet radio, CD Ripper, NAS
  • Audioquest HDMI cables (cinnamon/chocolate)
  • Synergistic Research Interconnect
  • Analysis Plus Silver Oval Interconnect between amp and pre-amp
Considering a Rega P3 TT in the future.

In any case, I am replacing the Simaudio and CJ pre-amp with an Aesthetix Minas Integrated (very exciting). The Mimas will have both a DAC and a Phono card (MM/MC).  I use Tidal for streaming, still have DVDs and blu-Rays, kept a small number of exotic CDs and hope to re-kindle my love for LPs (approx.500) once I have a turntable.

Now on to my reason for this posting: What cables offer the highest resolution 192/384 Khz -  24 bit, etc.) for use with both my X-45 and Oppo 105D? 

I'd also be interested in audio clubs/societies in the Fort Lauderdale area.

Thanks for any guidance and advice you are able to provide.



Very generally speaking, silver constructed cabling offers a lot of resolution. It sounds like your audio taste is in the analytical camp.
To elaborate on ’Silver’ a bit ... as a guide coax and digital appear to show benefit with full or partial silver content and good quality ’Shielded’ copper for analog ICs.

Also something to consider by @grannyring:
Good morning and thanks for your responses. Yes, I am somewhat analytical,  but also seek detail, warmth and sense of being in the room with the musicians. With the Mimas being a hybrid, I'm hoping to close my eyes and feel the music envelope me as I did when John Rutan demoed the Treos with the Mimas at Audio Connection in NJ. Not only was there detail and full sweep of sound, but I felt as though the music was coming from in front and around me as well. Amazing. 

I will likely get the Audioquest Coffee (10% silver), but would really like the AQ Diamond (100% silver) USB cable to get all of the great musical detail. Alas, its out of my budget with the Mimas purchase. 

I will post an update once I receive the Mimas, give it a break-in period and report back.

Cheers all,