2 meter coax digital or toslink?

I know that coax is preferable, but I always understood that 1 meter is the optimal length and anything longer or shorter may affect timing. On the other hand, there should be no difference for optical cables. I'm placing one of my digital components a bit too far on the rack and need to purchase a 2 meter coax or get a toslink. I know that many people will debate whether there is any difference between the two, but I would like to hear some "scientific" proof of the sacrifices of going with a 2 meter coax.

I must give you my opinion. For mid fi, maybe 'toss'link --- no dif. For'good' stuff,get a coax
Ignoring the case of damaged or poor quality cable with non-homogeneous electrical properties, distortions caused by a coax happen at the ends due to impedance mismatches between transport and cable, and cable and DAC. These induce reflections which can affect the digital waveform, therefore affecting jitter in the DAC clock. The length of cable is essentially irrelevant unless you are talking about runs long enough to severerly attenuate the digital signal. Here again, for a high quality cable, that loss per meter is negligible for the frequency ranges involved with SPDIF signals. I can't think of a good reason why you'd see any difference between well made 1-meter and 2-meter coax cables.
Thanks for the response. My choice is between a 2meter Monster Cable M1000D (coax digital) cable and the Monster ILS-200 2 meter toslink. I'm assuming that both are well constructed. I think I'll stay with coax unless otherwise advised.