2 pin power Chords?

Are there any of these made by reputable companies out there. I have seen adapters so you can use a three pin power chord but I just wanted to know if anyone makes a audiophile grade 2 pin power chord.
Cardas makes a pretty nice one that I have had good luck with on DVD players. Check with any Cardas dealer.
Audioquest NRG-1. I'm using one instead of the stock power cord that came with my Anthem TLP 1 preamp/tuner. Notice a slightly "smoother" top end in the sound. Considering it only cost me $100 (Canadian) brand new, not a huge amount to dish out for this little "tweak".
The cable company is where I got mine. I don't remember the brand but it is German-made and extremely well-built. The sound is much better than the stock satelite cable. The cost was very reasonable also.
I chased down the brand I use. It's an HFT Silver. They only sell the Gold now and it's $149.00. These aer excellent two-pin P/C's.