2 prong power cable

Never paid much attention until recently but my Marantz PM11S3 has a 2 prong power cable.  Anyone know of upgraded power cables with only 2 prongs.  I'd like to replace the stock cable for one that will help with imaging and a nudge toward neutrality since the Marantz tends a teeny bit toward warmth.  Thanks.
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The Marantz uses a C18 IEC without a ground. The three prong IEC is a C14 and will fit into the C18 socket. There will be no electrical issues.
OH, yep. :)  The ground will be neutered... but there's a reason why the plugs are compatible.  There's no problem then with using just about any 3 prong cable with it.

A shielded 3 prong cable will still be shielded however, so there may be some benefit there.


I used the PC from my Violectric HP amp and it fit.  That's a relief.  Onward to PC shopping. Any recommendations for PCs that help with imaging and maybe deepen the soundstage?