20 amp Power cord for Chord 1200 E Mark II amplifier.

Looking for a cord to use with this amp without having to use an "adapter". Narrow opening for PC makes for limited possibilities. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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Ok you lost me.. A 20 amp cable is a 20 amp cable, the ENDs reflect that. A 15 amp cable is not the same.. Is that the mix up.. You're trying to install a 10 or 15 amp cable into a 20 amp female?

Just get a 20 amp cable, nothing fancy.. I would get a good cable for that amp though.. No question on that.. Don't cheap out on materials.. Cost that's a different story.. Depends on who makes what?..  50.00 usd to 5K pretty easy..
I'll send you one for $30. Shunyata provided with their Triton power conditioner. Send me a PM.
Guess I was not clear. The amp has receptor (male) for a 20 amp power cord. Am currently using an AZ Gargantua (15 amp) with a VooDoo 20 amp adapter as amp is built is such way that most power cords cannot reach the receptor. Looking for a 20 amp PC with a connector that is thin enough to reach male receptor in the amp. Hope this makes sense. Appreciate your response. (Trying to get rid of the adapter in order to reach the receptor with a 20 amp cord.)
YUP it’s a 20 amp cable.. Sometimes on the wall side people use a 125vac 25 amp male plug still the other end is a 20 amp design. It is made that way. I have the same.. I even add twist locks for my shop amps and 20 amp cable for my modded 565 Brains MBs.. Usually heavy copper too.. The good one are anyway. Silver too..

BTW I looked at a pic, that's a female going into your amp.. The outside determines the sex buddy..
not the inside.. LOL It's all good..
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What do ye get when you cross a Mcintosh with a Cary?

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