20 Year Old Amplifiers compared to 2017

Just a random thought, but I’m curious just how well the state of the art solid-state amplifiers from 20 years ago compare to some of today’s better offerings. For example, what does a pair of Mark Levinson 33Hs or a Krell FPB 600 sound like if compared to the latest offerings from Pass Labs or Ayre Acoustics?
Parts are parts and they are greatly better now than 20 years ago, but I don't think well known makers have adopted newer circuit designs; they are all lights and copper. But grounding, controlling vibrations,ac purity and rooms are more important.
I used to be a tuby with tubes only used having bought 2 ARC Dual 75s, a SP-3 preamp,, and Infinity Servostatic in 1973 and thinking nothing could be better. Now I have more invested in ICs, PCs, speaker wires, grounding, and ac supply than components. I just wish that I could have had this and enjoyed it since 1975.

I just sold my late 80’s era ARC D70Mk2. Replaced it with a pair of new Mono blocks that use the new KT150 tubes. The ARC was an awesome amp...even by today’s standards...back in the day...NOTHING could have touched it! However, the new amps are so much more resolving and a lot more capable at both frequency extremes. The new tubes may be accounting for this, but the fact is that the ARC was still highly competeive in my system after all these years...VERY impressive.
Have we seen an increase in SQ from the latest amps compared to yesteryear...I vote yes, but not to the extent that one would expect over this period of time.

Vintage SS amplifiers sound like, well vintage amps. Various vintage SS amps produce a state of being clear to somewhat muddy sounding. But I have not heard a SS amplifier that can compete with the open, fast & clear plus realistic soundstage of a tube amplifier. I am listening to a Yamaha CR220 Natural sound receiver right now. It is clear, but the soundstage is closed in compared to a tube amplifier. The soundstage extends far beyond the speakers width. The Yamaha CR-220 sounds like reproduced music vs a live performance from tube gear.

I have not heard new Class D, but understand the new Class D amps can compete for the most part with tube amplifiers.

The newer Class D amps are superior to most vintage amps & receivers. Regarding vintage solid-state amps & receivers, the 1960s and many 1970s used all discrete components. The receivers & amplifiers around 1975 and later started using op-amps in the audio circuits that were not good sounding. New solid-state designs have higher performance op-amps.

I use a vintage Yamaha CR-220 that is good sounding & quite a deal for under $100. But, my tube amplifier is superior. And, not all vintage or new tube amps sounds good. I rebuild the tube amps with superior coupling capacitors and use select tubes for best sound.

Strongarms post confirms items I have found extreme value in. For those that don’t already know it all— try an Equitech 2Q, some MIT Oracle AClll non networked power cords- and prepare to smile. Cheers. Pete