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Welcome to Hell, here's your 8-Track
Such a funny Title on post. They were great in cars and only 1 of 50 spewed tape out all over the place.  
Rega Turntable
Why does not Rega post specifications? What are they hiding?  
Powered speakers show audiophiles are confused
First, a speaker company is not an expert at amps. Most active speakers likely use Class D amps. Most Class A amps and all tubes amp outperform the speaker amps. No such thing as tuning an amp to a speaker either. It that active speakers can sound... 
Why are there so many wooden box speakers out there?
Wood is a great material for speakers. Should they use injection molded plastic? Not.  
Power conditioner vs use of a audio grade outlet?
Errr, never use 16ga for house wiring as mentioned above.  
Im looking for the next upgrade. I'm not real sure which way I want to go Help!
Although I am a 100% tube amp person, a tube preamp and especially so with tone controls into a SS power amp will sound great. A tip: use new JJ E83cc for 12AX7s available at Amazon. 12AU7 use Brimar tall plate (ebay), 6SL7use 6SU7 Tong Sol and 6S... 
Why is it necessary to have gear on the same phase from electrical panel?
I am sorry the post I was typing above decided on its own to post before I was finished. This site is finicky.  
Why is it necessary to have gear on the same phase from electrical panel?
This is my issue with both plugs in an audio room having to be on the same hot wire. One side is grounded anyways &neutral) Hotside is grounded thru an average of 10 ohms with other items connected in the house and your audio gear anyways. A f... 
Vacuum Tube Break-in
Your link has nothing to do with tubes.  
whats wrong with audiogon?
Now about 1 minute per page. Barely usable.  
Which Solid State amplifier would you recommend for my budget?
I believe the Rega Elex R is all you need and can save a few dollars. These are lovely non harsh sounding amps.  
whats wrong with audiogon?
BTW- I constantly get a Page not Responding notice on any action I take on Audiogon. It goes away eventually. Figure a minute to post anything..  
Is Bob Carver Still in Business?
Bob Carver sold the company and the name. I am not sure of his participation in the company.  
Power conditioner vs use of a audio grade outlet?
IMO a high cost outlet does nothing for better sound, it is the placebo effect. Use a hospital grade 20 amp rated outlet about $10. The power conditioner does have a slight but noticeable effect on noisy lines. Some power conditioners work, others... 
Bob Carver tube amps
Bob Carver Crimson 275 read here and weep:¬†Amp/Preamp Asylum (