3.3 maggies have no midrange,What Happened ?

The midrange fuse blows and after I change it the midrange still does not work.After it sets for a while in my case a few days they work for a few min. and start the procedure over.This all started after I added a crossover to biamp.At the same time I added a pair of equallizers.I have no electronics education so please I need help.After opening the 3.3's found only a coil and what looks like a cap. in the signal path.Could a cap. work part time and cause the fuse to blow?Could the addition of the eq's and crossover cause the value of the existing cap? to be incorrect now? Please any help or advice would be appreciated.Called Magnepan but as of yet cannot speak to anyone with any info or suggestions. (over a week ) audiobob

Why don't you remove the extra crossover and the equilizers and go back to the configuration where you had them working. If they work fine then, something is probably wrong with the crossover you added...
I would be not use an eq. with your maggies. They are nice tools but can be very hard on your amp which could cause problems with power hungry speakers.
Thanks guys. Sogood I am sure you are correct,now that I have created a problem.Plato I did that the first time and they didn't work.I put my 1.6 surrounds in thier place and everything worked.I even used the eqs and crossover with them and everything worked.However this was only to test as I was worried I might mess them up also.I have come to the conclusion that something is wrong with the speakers.Perhaps someone else has lost thier mid's and can inform me of what the cause or fix turned out to be.