I am using the audioquest 3.5mm to RCA adapter to connect chord mojo dac to preamp.

Anyone have an even better sonic solution a cable they like for instance that has one end 3.5mm for source and other end XLR [rca ok too just prefer xlr for preamp] for preamp

I know they exist but unsure if sound better than audioquest adapter.



Looks like you are stuck, so Get yourself a better cable

WIREWORLD Nano-Platinum Eclipse Mini Jack (3.5mm) to L-R RCAs

As I understand it, The MOJO has a very limited output connection option ... the 3.5 mm ..... (no coaxial digital, no Toslink digital, no “regular” L-R RCA analogue, no digital USB....) presumably because it was designed to be a portable hesdphone amp/DAC....thus the 3.5 mm output.

I have both the AQ Forest 3.5mm-RCA and the WIREWORLD. The WIREWORLD smokes the AQ to be blunt . The WW is more $$$, but you get what you pay for. The AQ Foresf is a very very basic entry level quality (it’s cheap money) and build offering with a performance in lockstep.