3 channel sound

At Axpona Chicago I heard the comparison of stereo vs. 3 channel (Oscar Peterson and Nat King Cole's selections) through Mytek Sony Pass 5 channel dsd system. I was stunned with the change in focus of the image. Not 5 channel nonsense where music comes from 5 speakers (sorry Dire Straits) just 3 channel.

My question is besides VAS Audio, who offers a 3 channel preamp/processor? Only other one I know of is old H-K that the VAS is based on.

Has anyone ever heard the TriSound processor that James B. had released shortly before his death?
1. I reviewed the Trinaural here: http://www.stereophile.com/musicintheround/904music/index1.html

2. The VAS and the Trinaural derive (synthesize or extract) the center channel from a stereo signal. It is not quite the same as a discrete 3 channel (SACD) signal.
Duh. I actually use Trifield on my 861 but I don't usually suggest Meridian since it is expensive and not mainstream.
Meridian is one of the best sounding pre/pro's made. You should remember them Kal! They make some of the best pre/pro's f all time!
Meridian I think is main stream. They have Pre/Pros at different price levels including the G68 I own and all have a Trifield mode