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Music streamer capable 24/96 PCM output on DSD files
JRiver (or equivalent software) and a mini PC/Mac/LinuxBox.  
I want to replace the router/modem Comcast with a high quality for streaming
I have an outstanding main system and headphone system (see my profile)… that sounds like it is hardwired… but is using wall wart extenders. That's a very rare recommendation in favor of AC-line extenders.    
Why don't they record in ‘surround stereo’?
emergingsoul OP wrote: @kr4 Thought everybody knew that If I had been following the thread (and not just jumping in at random to see the latest post), I would have realized that. OTOH, apparently it bears repeating. 😉  
Why don't they record in ‘surround stereo’?
roxy54 wrote: By the way, "surround stereo" is a mismomer @emergingsoul . Stereo by definition is 2 channel. That is not correct. The term "stereo" derives from the Greek word for "solid" and is applied to reproduction by 2 or more channels. ... 
Budget preamp with quality volume control
Since the Topping preamps are all analog, they will support neither PCM nor DSD at any resolution.   
No HDMI out from 4K 85" Sony
SP3 predates ARC.  
Sharing SACDs
Nobody talks about fight club outside of fight club. 🤐  
Who turns center off when listening to music
It depends on whether the music source has a center channel in it or not.  If there is center channel info, I prefer to play it rather than delete it or split it to the L/R speakers.  If there isn't, the decision is moot.  
Revel F228be
The room is 50% of the sound, make sure part of your budget goes into treating your room. Agreed. Finally if you have a local dealer try comparing an electrostaic like the Martin Logan Classic ESP 9, a classic like the Klipsch Cornwall, and t... 
Does anyone know where this J. Gordon Holt comes from?
Tomcy6 wrote: While seeking to reproduce the sound of real instruments in a real space is an admirable goal, I don’t think it’s practical for most people. If you have a large room, it might be possible to achieve with chamber music (string quarte... 
How to pack floor standing speakers for shipping
dill wrote: Never had a problem selling locally or shipping in the original boxes strapped to a pallet, shipped freight. Agreed. However, many of us city dwellers do not have the space for storing the original boxes and must resort to more cre... 
Breathtaking SACD of popular classical music
"Just listening to a spectacular CD from Analogue Productions of Rachmaninoff “Symphonic Dances” with the Dallas Symphony.  Good as, if not better, than any SACD." OK.  It was greatly feted in its time but I've always found it coarse and brash, b... 
Breathtaking SACD of popular classical music
@kr4 Wow, I appreciate the details in your response. I need to start somewhere (with my first classical SACD). So if you have to pick (with emphasis on recording qualityh and use of SACD technicology), which would you order?  I have no idea.  I... 
Breathtaking SACD of popular classical music
I took a shot at it emphasizing recording/sound quality. For the smaller works and some others, there are too many options and I would not recommend buying a whole disc for one small work. Beethoven – Symphony No.5 in C minor Honeck/Pittsburgh (R... 
Breathtaking SACD of popular classical music
Such as?  Name the piece you want and we can respond.