300B Tube Rolling with Harmonix PAT 777 amplifier

I understand the PAT 777 was built around the Western Electric 300B tube. Has anyone here had any possitive experience using other 300B tubes in this amplifier. I ask because the Western Electric 300B is both expensive and not easy to find anymore.
Speak with Brent Jessee. brentjes@audiotubes.com

He is amazing...honest...i have now officially bought 14 tubes from him...all quite expensive, and one better than the other!

I trust him, and i am 3,000 miles away in another country, so really no way to do business with him other than trust. He takes the time to explain, offers various price points, and i have dealt with 3 other guys (all good)...Brent was just even better.

Good luck and hope that helps. Tell him i say hi. i am actually waiting for another pair from him...so we've emailed recently!! ;) good luck.