4 Ohm or 8 Ohms Taps EL34 MonoBlocks

I just moved to the 4 Ohm taps on my Consonance EL34 MonoBlocks. I think I like it better than the 8 Ohm taps. I am using FJ 6 Ohm Speakers rated at 89 dB. The MonoBlocks are in Triode Mode at 35 Watts. I think the mids and highs are clearer and more detailed. I may have lost some bass though. The 8 Ohm taps use Negative Feedback and a Zobel network. These are not on the 4 Ohm taps. I have modified the Amps with New PS Caps, Clarity Bypass & Coupling Caps, Schottky Diodes, AN Tantalum resistors. Any thoughts on what I am hearing?