450 Pound Monobloc Amplifier

The Boulder 3050 monobloc weighs 450 pounds, 1500 wpc.

A pair of monoblocs weighing right at a half-ton...amazing.

The Pass Labs XS 300 monobloc weighs 300 pounds, 300 wpc.

With all of the advances in amplifier design, does an amp really have to be that big to get the results they're after?

The 1500 wpc D-Sonic monobloc weigh 12 pounds...I love it!
I heard those Boulders at a club event - into top of the line Wilsons....very disappointing.
I hear ya Swampwalker, probably a lot like my BAT VK-75SE was. The weight is all in the transformers. I have to admit, as I get older the weight is a turn off. I'm struggling enough moving around my current 85 pound amp.

I don't think I would ship to VAC for repairs anyway. I'm lucky to have a very good local guys in Bob and Gary Backert of RHB Sound Dezign.
The 30/30 is probably not quite that heavy - VAC lists weight in-box. I weighed my 70/70 - 93 lbs. Still heavy, but not like the CAT amps - 192 lbs. per chassis. I helped my friend lift his - Jeeeesus.
D-sonic and a few other manufacturers are an early adopters of new energy-efficient power conversion technologies recently developed by small Northern European companies such as Pascal, Abletech, and Hypex (Ncore). The new power conversion modules outwardly enable the implementation of physically small power amplifiers with very attractive price/performance ratios. It will be fascinating to observe if the new designs constitute a mere blip in the landscape, or if their underlying technologies are gradually adopted by a broader range of manufacturers with a variety of design/sonic philosophies and degrees of sophistication.

I have a 1500W hair dryer that weighs less than 1 pound. Doesn't sound that good though.