45rpm gold record?

I recently bought what looks to be a gold record from a rummage sale. It's just the 45 and has no label(looks to have fallen off), but it does have a number stamped into it: G2 RH3918-1S
It is made of metal and seems to be brass. There are grooves on one side, and it plays, but it's only very muffled orchestral music.

Did I happen onto a deconstructed gold record or is this a special issue by someone?

Any info will be helpful, thanks much in advance.
Could be a find or a promotional piece. If it is brass I would not ruin my stylus trying to play it.
The music industry awards an artist a "gold" record to hang on the wall when his/her record sold 500,000 copies. Maybe you bought one of those. I am just guessing here for I have never seen one myself.

I agree with Tom. I wouldn't play it if I were you. It will definitely ruin your stylus.
As mentioned above, gold records signify an artist having sold 500,000 records. However, the gold record given to the artist(s) is almost *never* the album which earned the award. This is from Wikipedia:

" Most gold and platinum records are actually vinyl records which have been vacuum metallized and tinted, while trimmed and plated metal "masters", "mothers", or "stampers" (metal parts used for pressing records out of vinyl) were initially used. Rarely does the groove on the record match the actual recording being awarded..."