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Anyone use solar power?
Kenyonbm, Thank you for pointing that out. After reading your post, I have called the solar power company and asked them about the waveform but no one there seemed to know anything about it. I decided to put the project off for awhile. Thanks for ... 
Are Mac and PC equal?
Since you are planning to use external DAC, I suggest you get a Mac and try both OS X and Windows yourself to see what you like best. It is because you can run Windows on a Mac but you can't run OS X on a PC. All you need to do is to run an applic... 
Best DRYING cloth for vinyl?
In my experience, the best drying cloth for vinyl is no drying cloth at all. If you wash vinyl with distilled water, you can just let it air dry. 
New Set Up questions
AR-3A has very low efficiency. It needs high power amp. The Mc225 won't be able to drive it. 
New OPPO DAC/Headphone AMP looks impressive
It does look impressive on paper particularly for such low price. I wonder how it compares to the Benchmark DAC-1 or DAC-2. Has anyone actually listened to the Oppo? 
Can you run a subwoofer on multiple systems?
You can certainly run the same sub on two systems using a switch but the problem is the adjustment. Since your two systems are so different, the setting on the sub will certainly be very different as well. What kind of sub do you have? Are you usi... 
Help with new speakers
Have you listened to anything from Vandersteen? Choosing speaker is 100% subjective and personal. All I can say is Vandersteen sound very different from B&W and I like the Vandy better (I own a pair of Vandy 5). You might want to give them an ... 
triode versus pentode
Are you talking about small signal tubes or output tubes for power amps? 
Is there such thing as a music grade ht receiver
What preamp do you use in your stereo music system?If your preamp has multiple inputs, you can connect the line output of the two front channels of the B&K to one of the input of your preamp. The center, surrounds, and the sub will be connecte... 
Need advice on rich sounding cables
Agree with both Mitch2 and Chayro. IMHO, a cheap but well matched cable is better than expensive ones plus you can use the extra money on something else for better improvements. 
Power voltage regulater
How many watts do you need? High wattage ones usually cost a lot more. 
Vandersteen 3sigs vs. Triton Two
I wouldn't consider the Triton 2 to be an upgrade to the Vandy 3 sig but of course what sounds good to you has a lot to do with your personal taste. If you want more clarity and detail, you might want to start from the preamp. I used to own a SP6B... 
How long does it take you to install a cartridge?
It usually takes me a whole afternoon to install one and than a few more days afterwards to make fine adjustments. 
Linda Ronstadt can't sing anymore.
She is one of my favorites too. Well, nothing lasts forever. We are all heading to the same direction sooner or later. 
Solid Maple vs Butcher Block
I just want people to be aware that if you put a 4 inch block under a speaker, you are lifting the bass up by 4 inches. Of course it will sound different but the effect is mostly caused by the hight difference rather than the material you put unde...