6 channel volume controller?

Does anyone know of a 6 channel pre-amp, or to be more precise an active 6 channel volume controller, with remote, with balanced inputs and outputs?
It does not seem the quetion is understood.
I am looking for an active volume controller (pre-amp) with 6 (six) balanced inputs that will be attenuated and then sent to 6 (six) balanced outputs.
Let's be even more explicit. Are you looking for a 6-channel balanced in/out preamp with one or more inputs?

Bel Canto Pre6
Audio Research MP1

The Audio Refinement Pre5 has no balanced in/outs. If one can live without the balanced in/outs, the Sony TA-P9000ES is a steal.

You could also get this from Theta's six shooter though you'd need a Casablanca as well.
Yes, Theta's six shooter would be great if Theta processor was not required.
I need a device that will allow me to connect 6 balanced inputs and take out 6 attenuated balanced outputs, as simple as that.
It may have more than a single set of 6 inputs (as is the case with EMM Switchman), but the point is that I need a master volume control for six balanced channels, so by simply looking at the back panel of devices such as Bel Canto Pre6 tells me it does not fit the bill, it does not have 6 balanced inputs and outputs.
Ooops. You are correct. It has been a long time. That leaves the AR MP-1 but I am surprised that are no others. Can I ask you what your 6channel balanced source is?