60Hz humm in Sunfire SRA.

Hi folks I've recently detected humm in my Sunfire SRA stereo amp. A substitution amp/receiver is there instead and with no humm.
I've spotted leaks in few of the filter caps and humm increase if I touch most of the smaller power supply DC caps that also need to be replaced.
What will be the best solution keep to the same brand of replacement parts or go to Upgrade Street? I will need to recap at least 15 caps including filter ones?
i just couldn't stand the fact that i will have to replace it! it sounds like class A on any volume setting... rich defined and musical.
Glad to hear you solved the problem. Thanks for sharing. It might be helpful to others down the road. I'd like to replace all the electrolytics in mine, but it's a project I just don't have time for right now.
I know about same vs. different brand, but was also thinking that better caps may improve the amp overall.
LOL let me know mayb we'll group on sending these units :-)
It's unnecessary to use the same brand of caps. Some of those companies may not exist anymore. Just make sure the replacements are identical in value (uF and voltage). Standard operating temp is 85 degrees, but 105 is becoming more and more common and offers a longer lifespan. I recommend them if they are available in values you need.

If you don't feel comfortable finding the parts, or doing the work yourself, there's a certified Sunfire repair in Oregon that gets high marks: http://carveraudiorepair.com.

I plan on doing similar work to my Sunfire 300 at some point. It's about 15 years old and is on all the time.