6L6 or 300B or 2A3?

I'm currently running an Audio Innovations 500 integrated with Pearl Cryo (SED) 6L6GC's and think it sounds fantastic with my Moth Audio Cicada's...

But might I get something more out of a 300B or 2A3-based system?

I realize there are tons of variables involved, but does anyone have thoughts on why one might render more resolution or dynamics than the other?

I listen to everything from classic rock to modern rock to jazz to electronic to classical to solo guitar and piano.

Let me know what your thoughts are.

If your thinking of trying a 2A3 triode,definitively try a 45 tube.One thing I don't know is why they sound the way they do.When a friend of mine first tried his out,we both said there is something right about it.We were paying attention to the music instead of finding flaws in the amp as we always did.
not sure that a 2a3 or 45 tube amp (unless it were a PP or parallel SE amp) would be enough wattage for the Cicada. If I remember correctly these are @ 90db efficiency. If your room is small it might work fine. 6l6 is a nice tube though as well ... hang on to the 6l6 amp for a couple months if you decide to go with another. sometimes a change is nice but not ultimately better. you may end up going back to the 6l6
Just found this on TNT Audio's site:
"The Cicada is rated at 94dB/1W/1M, efficient enough for almost any 2A3 or 300B SET amplifier."
did not think they were that efficient ... I stand corrected ... if your room is big I still don't know if a 2a3 or 45 would cut it but worth a try I guess!
They may be to inefficient.The 45 only puts out 1.5-2 watts if
I'm remembering right.10-12 watts plus sounds more fair if its
not a large room.
My speakers are 97 db (Classic Audio Loudspeakers T-3) and I find 30 watts to be about the minimum, but I like to listen at higher volume levels (95db peaks).

A 45-based SET makes about 1 watt. You will have about 10% distortion at that power level, IOW you will not be hearing what the amp really can do- you need a speaker about 10 db more efficient than that (104db)! If you drive SETs hard, the qualities that they are known for will not manifest. A 2A3-based SET will only make about 3-4 watts, so you will still be limited by the power levels. Now if you had a P-P 2A3, then you would be making about 15 watts, enough to make things more life-like.
I was in the ballpark stating 1.5 to 2 watts for the 45 tube.
You would need speakers over 100db efficiency for them most likely.The 45 is an awesome tube though.Those vintage JBL's and Klipschorn's never sounded so good.With your speakers efficiency,I would want at least a 12-15 watt minimum amp myself.Wilson Audio is even happy with 15 watts on some of their mid-90's db speakers.45 links>>>>[http://www.nj7p.org/Tube4.php?tube=45][http://www.wavelengthaudio.com/low-watt.html]
Go for a SET. I have 3 different tube amps (45,2A3,300B) and use them in different applications. My speaker is a real easy load (Zu Essence - 97db) and I never need to crank up the volume.

IMHO, 300B is great for Orchestral Music and Hard rock. 2A3 shines in Jazz and chamber music. 45 is wonderful with solo instruments and especially female vocals. However, I think you will love any of them in comparision to a SS or pp tube amp.

Just to be safe, I'd recommend the 300B for you. Lots of good 300B's out there to choose from and 8W should give you enough power to play any type of music you want.