7.1 speaker set up recommendation

I am building out a home theater, and have about 4-5K budgeted for speakers for the 7.1 channel setup. what should i spend that money on?
If your gonna run a reciever then get something very easy to run, Klipsh perhaps?
Check out the home theatre equipment reviews over at iar-80.com. This will give you some ideas about speaker characteristics and placement considerations for a 7.1 system. Then decide what to buy.
I would go 5.1 and get fewer, better speakers. Less cabling also. 5k, even used, is not enough for 7.1, compared to the sound 5k gets you for 5.1.
I use VMPS speakers, and VMPS passive subs. Easy to drive, great bass...and have the ability to play loudly, without distortion.

Receiver is an Onkyo 805, and two Onkyo M-504's to drive the 4 subwoofers.

Note: I just upgraded to seven channels around two months ago...it is much better than 5 channels in my fairly large room.

Well I do VMPS to for mains and center but was trying to keep it simple lol. I doubt 5.1 VMPS CAN BE DONE FOR $5k, CLOSE but not sure you can get there. Dave......nice digs!
BTW VMPS rocks for HT and ofcourse music and is rather real world priced in the big picture of audio.