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Redbook CD /DVD video/DVD-A sound quality
Tom, The 24 bucks is most assuredly a waste if you don't have a DVDA player. You don't mention that you do... 
Cartridge load capacitance for Denon dL160
L, with it being so simple to change settings, just listen. You will most certainly hear differences. 
Double width studs for isolation?
L, If you are considering 12 inch center framing, you are on the right track. 2 layers of 5/8 works wonders. Do stagger the joints in both directions. I use 6 inch acoustic insulation in 3 1/2 framing. Also works wonders. You do need both sides of... 
7.1 speaker set up recommendation
I would go 5.1 and get fewer, better speakers. Less cabling also. 5k, even used, is not enough for 7.1, compared to the sound 5k gets you for 5.1. 
Klipsch Heresy - Recommendations for stands
They will sound even better if used as designed. Put them on the floor with something as simple as a phone book to tilt them back a bit. Sound for dollar spent will increase yet again! 
Noise on Eva Cassidy-Songbird CD
No. Between myself and several friends there are half a dozen copies lying around. This CD has sibilence as does the LP, but surface noise or tape hiss or any other noise is absent. Hope that helps. 
Power ac cable for Krell Evo Two ?
The one that came with it. 
Rotel RB 1070 from Elite Receiver Big Difference?
The Rotel is miles better than the Pioneer. The Pioneer will also become miles better on any remaining channels by using the Rotel for front L&R. Nice upgrade. 
Sub recommendation for Totem Arro
For that size room, I would pick the Storm with Arro. For so many reasons... 
Opinions Verastarr Silver Reference Power Cord
Rev, Steff is a great guy. I recommend you contact him through the gon to audition/ purchase. Check my feedback, you will see we have done at least five deals. He sells all the discontinued Verastarr product. The HDMI cable is very good also. 
Speaker cable suggestions for MBL 101E's
I said stay far away from silver with MBL. They don't need any high freq help. 
"Already Free" - Derek Trucks Band
Cleanedup, This is why I spin vinyl. It can capture both. If you read that review you posted, it describes the "muddyness" I hear. These two artists have moved WAY up my 'must see live' short list. Susan was on Leno Tues, and I was waiting for my ... 
"Already Free" - Derek Trucks Band
Any chance the Best Buy Special sounds better than the 12 track version? 
"Already Free" - Derek Trucks Band
Well, maybe a little better overall, but I prefer the vocal treatment on Susan's. Same studio, same recording/mixing gear, same computer station. Really very similar sound. I would love to see either live, since fans will likely get both artists f... 
"Already Free" - Derek Trucks Band
I bought this and the new Tedeschi yesterday. CDs. I thought the sound was not too good but the songs are great. They both sounded like they were recorded/produced in in-home studios, which they were. I will try Back to the River on vinyl...