845 Tube Refresh

Most of the info I find on new production 845 tube recommendations is a bit stale. Some of the variants recommended are no longer readily available. I just bought an 845 tube amp with basic Shuguangs and I am wanting to try something else without spending the price of the amp all over again. NOS 845s are too expensive for me to consider. What say you 845 fans?
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Little bit of upheaval recently in the tube market with PSVane Acme. 

Grant fidelity droped them in favor of the newer LinLai brand.  No idea how LinLai compares to the old PSVane Acmes and I am not sure where you can get the PSVane Acmes any more.  

Elrog has an 845 that I hear is very good though I have no personal experience.  Might be worth looking at though it is not modestly priced.

KRs are wonderful but are off spec.  They have a 1.0amp filament current vs. a 3.25amp which is the standard.  Check with your amp manufacturer before ordering these as they normally aren't a drop in replacement for an 845.  There are a few exceptions like Art Audio's Carissa or Quartets.  

Sino China's are inexpensive and would not be a step up vs. the Shuguangs.  
I am not willing to go the Elrog route based on cost at this point. I am sure they are great but $2k is more than I want to spend.  I would say my budget is up to $1k but would prefer to spend less. Thanks Verdantaudio for your response. 
I have used a lot of 845 tubes and the best to date were the Psvane Acme Supremes that I purchased from Grant Fidelity who unfortunately no longer carry them. I have not tried the Elrogs, KR or the Takayuki as all were just a little more than I was willing to spend for four tubes.
IF your amp can use KRs with lower filament current, Renaissance Audio in Ann Arbor has some older stock of the 845 that I know he would like to sell. They will be on budget for you and Renaissance is KRs North America service center.  In fact, he is who introduced me to KR.  They will not have a warranty but Bradley tests them prior and they are working fine when they leave.  
I had a customer receive a pair from him over the weekend and evidently they sounded great.  
If your amp can use them, I would be happy to help you get them.  
@ test pilot. No they don’t. My bad.I was replacing my four 300 B tubes at the same time and I did  consider the Takatasuki that the Parts Connection was carrying. Thanks for your correction and sorry for the confusion. I went both 845 & 300B with the Psvane Acme Supreme series.