A Canadian marrying a Dutch?

Have any one had heard Sonic Frontier Power 2 (rated @ 110W)with Dyn 3.3? Thanks in advance. Btw, sorry about the subject. I need any advice please.

Also, I just found out that my work place is forcing my manager to select one individual to get an under perform rating for our review. Isn't this against the law?
Marrying (again)? Just make sure that you allow plenty of space for tulips and clogs...otherwise it does not matter. In fact, during WWII many Dutch were "safehoused" in Canada, especially around Ottawa, which is remembered annually through the Ottawa Tulip Festival.

It is certainly unethical to post a false or deliberately negative review, though proving it to be criminal is much harder than one might think!

As far as the SF Pwr. 2 and your pre-amp, I have never heard of the Dyn, but I trust it makes a pleasant "din" for you!
RE: A Canadian marrying a Dutch. Even at EBAY I see links leading to "Dutch Action". Looks like it is pretty common.

Wait...........that link was "Dutch Auction."

Your own action may vary, depending on how much you have to spend.
stereokarter, the dyn 3.3 is the dynaudio 3.3 loudspeaker. i'm not familiar w/this model, but dynaudio's i've heard are wery accurate & revealing, lotsa detail. i tink toobs wood go well w/'em...

doug s., russian/german mix married to a danish/irish/polish mix... ;~)

The dyna's require a very POWERFUL amp. I'm not sure 110W will do it. Also and I'm being nitpicky, but Dynaudios are made in Denmark not Holland (the Netherlands) which makes them Danish and not Dutch. Good luck, The Dynaudio's are fantastic speakers!