A cartridge with more bite, please and thank you

My Hana SL is a little soft sounding for the Linn LP12/Cirkus/Mober supchassis/Alphason Xenon MCS and I'm looking for some direction and insight. My phono preamp is a Supratek Syrah.

Thinking about Ortofon Cadenza Bronze, ZYX Ultima 100 and Soundsmith Paua. Anybody out there compare these? Heard any of them on a similar set up? Or, have other recommendation that would mate well?


I see a lot Ortofon recommendations for Alphason, the ZYX reviews well and Soundsmith is right down the river - I've enjoyed their lower models and like the rebuild concept and pricing. That said, best sound is best sound!

Oh, I'm also open to having the Alphason rewired - I'm not sure that's the biggest priority right now, but it's tempting...

Muchas gracias and happy holidays!



The pivot to spindle of the Alphason is 211mm

The Linn Ittok/Ekos are both 211mm pivot to spindle as well. The Ekos would be the best option if possible, the Ittok would be a sideways move vs the Alphason.

Not sure on the newer Linn arms.

Not sure on whether the cut-out hole is the same size - you would need to check.

Both the Ittok & Ekos work with a wide range of cartridges in my experience.

@palasr Richard?! Thanks for that. Didn't you check a bunch of Sylvania 6sn7w's for me back in the day? 

Lyra Delos.  

Had soundsmith mimc star es, AT ART9 and ART9XA (very good); Ortofon Cadenza Blue (better), Lyra Delos, best by quite a bit.  nothing soft about it but still refined and musical.