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2a3 Tubes - Favorites?
Not suggesting Visseaux's but the RCA's seems to be available from a main/reliable dealer. With a quick search it seems that Brente Jessee has new testing RCA  2A3 matched pairs for $300.   DeKay  
2a3 Tubes - Favorites?
Understood. I can't find any feedback on the 2A3T, so I'm in the same boat as far as making rec's. I assume that many/most are also looking for reliability, along with sound quality, which makes recommending new production tubes somewhat difficu... 
2a3 Tubes - Favorites?
What 2A3's are you using now and what might you want to change about the sound?   DeKay  
Records and CDs
If I didn't have vinyl (and a slow reading thermometer) I wouldn't have anything to do.   DeKay  
Burn your power cables in PROPERLY with Haglabs Frycorder
Just a note that the Frycroder2 is $189.00 USD.   DeKay  
AR-XB. Is it worth a new motor?
Google AR-XB motor repair. Some good YouTube vid's on disassembly/repair. I would start by replacing the start and runs caps, (for a few bucks/covered in some of the vid's) before disassembling the motor - to see if that is the main problem.   ... 
vibration control - cd player
Here is a link to the (old) discussion of using Ikea Lack tables as support for hifi gear (pay special attention to the posts by caterham1700 - who owned Greater Ranges/Neuance). If the construction notes/guidelines are followed you can expect ex... 
vibration control - cd player
I ended up using stock OEM footers and Greater Ranges Neuance platforms (no longer available) for my CD/TT decks. The Neuance shelves are not unlike the  construction of the Ikea Lack tables in that they are light and rigid with an internal foam-... 
Private Messaging
I click on the moniker and then marketplace feedback (the message function is there if allowed by the user).   DeKay  
The $10,000 Question
I would try upgrading tubes in the  PL & Jolida DAC/phono preamp before changing any gear out.   DeKay  
Finally upgrading my amp
Heads up on the Linear Tube Audio MZ2... Its power section puts out less than I watt into an 8 ohm load.   DeKay    
Fluance turntables
I looked @ the tonearms spec’s by Fluance and there is no way it has an effective mass of 27.5 grams. Safe bets would be the Ortofon cartridge(s) they sell the TT with or the Nagaoka (sp?) MP110. Here’s a YT video on substituting styli in the Or... 
20 Years?
"I didn't get where I am today by not" -  joining A'Gon in August of 2000.   DeKay  
I'm looking at some sound suppression.
Good info... I often confuse Oto with Yoda.   DeKay  
I'm looking at some sound suppression.
Good luck. Some medical doctors have a tendency to NOT recommend specific products (these are probably the good ones;-). My wife is going through a similar scenario with her hearing assessment via our healthcare and actually obtaining specific h...