A holiday message for all you jazzbo's

In this season of giving combined with uncertain times I thought it might be appropriate to to mention a great gift for the jazz nut on you "nice or naughty" list.And that would be a contribution in some body's name (or your own gift to The Jazz Foundation Of America.The only charitable organization of it's kind the Jazz Foundation helps both well known musicians and those you have never heard of but have nonetheless given themselves to and art form that has given you so much joy year 'round.Sort of a Jazz Oxfam they make funds available for health needs,housing,etc to those in need.One just needs to be periphally knowledgeable to know the stories of those who had tragic lives (maybe primer in this is Herbie Nichols relegated to playing Dixieland while at night composing unique and now highly regarded works as recalled in book "Four Lives In Bebop".Tina Brooks who only had one LP released and after Mosaic 4 LP box is a star.Joe Gordon the great West Coast trumpeter died in a fire because the flat he was squatting in had no power and candle light caused a fatal fire.Yes many of the stories involved substance abuse and self destruction but so many of them also revolved arround market forces and politics of jazz.Or just access to health care be t combined with race or not such as with death of Eric Dolphy or organist Larry Young did not involve self abuse just neglect.To think that Hank Mobley died a young and broken man in mid 70's hocking his horn and having dental problems is astonishing when you see how many of his CD's still sell and are in print.So enough guilt.Go to www.jazzfoundation.org and check it yourself.You'll feel better and make a difference to those who have given us so much.
Happy Holidays