A List of CDP with Variable Output

I'd like to get a list together of as many CDP with variable output in the $500 to $2000 range. I'll do the research and listening if I could get some players you all know about. Thanks to everyone in advance. Peace.

I've responded to this same question many times over the last 8 years. Take a look in the archives and you'll easily find multiple threads which will list at least 10-20 different units that have this feature. Here's a few I have personally owned:

Theta Miles (mine was the balanced version)
Quad 99 CDP and 99 CDP-2
Resolution Audio Opus 21
Sherwood CD-7080R
Oppo DV-970H (mine has level-2 mods from EVS)

BTW, are you looking for current units that are available for purchase new from a dealer or are you considering used also?


I must be doing something wrong in my search because I tried what you suggested but came up empty handed--my bad no doubt.

I'd consider new and used.

How did the Quad CDP2 work for you. That was one I was going to search out for a test run. Thought it might work with the Quad12L2 actives I own. This mini system will be for my office.

I also own a pair of Quad 12L Actives. Currently I'm using them with an Oppo DV-970H which has the level-2 mods from EVS. All of the Oppos have variable volume control, but the VC is in the digital domain instead of the analog domain. At very low volume, it does lose some resolution, however I don't really notice it in my system.

I really liked the Quad 99-CDP. For some reason I preferred it to the Quad 99-CDP2, but my system was a bit different when I used the two different Quad CD players, so I can't really say what the difference was.

There are a couple of nice players currently on AudiogoN which have variable volume control. I'd really like to try the Granite Audio CD-657 (variable volume pot on top, back of unit, not remote controlled volume) and the Raysonic CD-168. I'm curious about both, but don't have the available funds to jump on either of them right now.

I would also hardily recommend an Oppo player with mods from EVS. Ric does great work and his product is exceptional. The Oppos also are universal players so they offer a lot of additional functionality such as SACD, DVD-A and DVD video playback.

BTW, I did a couple of simple searches and didn't find many of the similar threads that I had expected. Take a look at my old threads in the digital forum and you'll see several similar threads in which I participated. Here's a link: