A question about an older Rotel CD player I once had.

I may be in the same boat as many of you.  Too many units and too many changes in my indulgence of being an Audioholic.  Many of the better high end CD players from the last 20+ years I have owned, at least a good share of them (remember Audioholic) and this may seem very moot, but the simple and not expensive Rotel 1072 is still a pleasant memory.  It may have been that it was a bit of a stop-gap between other players and I was not expecting much, but I liked its sonic qualities more than I had thought I would.  So is it just an aging audioholic memory, or did those drugs in the Vietnam War really do some damage?

I've guess I am little bit younger...but, had that player too, many years ago. Aftter it had Bryston, few Burmesters, Dcs and now Metronome player. They are all better...but, still remeber the great impression that I had when I first hear it. I believe that is because it was first 'better' player that I've heard and my hi fi sensations were young and innocent...so I enjoyed it perhaps more. The same feeling I have when I think about mine first SF 'great' speakers...later came the better ones, but the strongest feelings and memories have when I think about that first pair. 

Alex, I agree....as a funny saying went,  "nostalgia just ain't what it used to be" 
These are difficult times in many ways.  As in the depression and wars, humor, music, theater and films have had some of their most productive times. 


The Rotel 1072 was the last great CD player by that company.

Happy Listening!


I believe you to be correct.  Of the many disk players I have had by some of the brands that most here would know of.....and no real intent on my part, but the 1072 was the last player I had from Rotel. 

I now have the "Thunder Lizard, MK II".  Which is made in Transylvania.....it has the kind of sound to.......ah, die for.