A. R. Ref3 and Aesthetix Atlas 12v trigger ????

If I wanted to use the 12v trigger out of Audio Research Ref3 pre to wake up the Aesthetix amp and have a male to male mini plug cable is there anything I need to be concerned with before I install this? Thanks!
Both my ARC LS25 mk2 and Ref 110 have the 12v triggers. I thought about using it but changed my mind. I am not sure that having the preamp and amp (tube amp) turn on at the same time is a good idea. I think it is better to turn them on one at a time and create less of a power surge.
I have used 3 different ARC preamps with 12 volt triggers with several different amps, including SS and tube and never had any problems. The startup surges for preamps are in general far lower than for amps, and some amps incorporate soft start features which reduce surge. In addition, you have breakers on the circuits should there be any overload. These triggers are designed specifically for this use and I would not be concerned.
BTW I installed trigger wire and glad I did, its a nice bonus to say the least.
I use the triggers to turn on my Moon amps and a cooling fan for the equipmet.