A Sonos Move or a pair of Sonos 1's

I am looking to replace the JBL Charge 3 I am using in my small home office with Sonos.  I am considering a pair of Sonos 1's or a Sonos Move (same cost).   Has anybody been able to compare these two setups?  What the strengths and weaknesses of each?
  • Sonos drops support of their products before the end of their lifespan.
  • Cost: you can probably find something with the same feature set for $100 that will offer the same sound.
If you have the $400 burning a hole in your pocket and need a waterproof, wireless speaker, check out the DemerBox DB2. Ours spends weeks on our whitewater raft, and is still going strong.

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I would go with the Play:1s to get a true stereo pair. The extra cost of the Move goes towards features that are only helpful if you plan to use it as a portable speaker, with the exception being Bluetooth support. I haven’t heard the Move, but I have heard a pair of the Play:1s; they sound amazing for their size!

When deciding between a Sonos or a non-Sonos system, I would mainly consider what sources you will be playing from.

@yakbob Read my post here: https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/sonos-announcement-today-1-21-2020/post?highlight=Sonos&p...
Since then, Sonos has also ended “recycle mode”. 
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I didn't mean to sound like someone who was burned by Sonos. With the exception of my river box, all my equipment is connected by copper. Ive never owned any of their products. I just didn't want the OP to make the mistake.  If you're going to get burned by tech evolution, do it with cheap, disposable products, not expensive disposable products. 

Since I posted, I noticed that Sonos is selling refurbished Play 1 speakers for $100 each.  They come with a one year warranty and a 45 day return policy.  Seems like a no-brainer.  As long as they work with the Sonos App for a few years, no loss even if they become (small boat) anchors at that point.

Having said that, headaudio123s suggestion is intriguing. I like it because it provides more speaker options and an upgrade path that is brand agnostic.  Downside:  I am not really looking to add a bunch of bulky items to my desk.
Currently my preferred source is Tidal. I am not married to Tidal. Qobuz will become an option in a month or two when I upgrade the streamer in my main system.
My understanding is that the refurbished Play:1s are the most recent model and will be compatible with the new S2 system. If you want better sound than that in a stationary setup, I would get two Play:5s.
Hi.  Thanks Saints.  I think if I expand my budget to 800. I will be inclined to go with a Yamaha or Denon or similar network receiver and put the rest into wired speakers as 123 suggests.
I am still several days out from pulling the trigger on anything, but my current thinking is a Yamaha R-N303BL ($199 'Renewed' on Amazon) and a pair of Polk Audio S20 speakers ($203 on Amazon - new)  I don't know if the R-N303BL is MQA.  I suspect not. 
Research kills the best made plans, and sometimes the budget. My current picks are:
1) KEF LSX ($1,000)
2) Marantz NR1200 ($600) + Polk S20s ($340 - the $203 deal has dried up)

I am leaning toward the LSX