A Step Up to Common STEP UP Transformer.......

...at least in my system. I posted this also in the "other" forum(AA) and paste some of the answers I provided for some inquiries regarding the thread.




I tried and heard some. I do not want to list names to avoid heated discussions. But here is another alternative to those costly step up tranny which IMHO sounds very good than what I had before.

The tranny is made up of Amorphous Core-Cobalt Torroid and is made by Mr. Pieter Treurniet of TRIBUTE. The case is a DIY to promote cartridge loading on the fly.

Here's what Pieter responded when I was inquiring about the transformers.

"MC transformers can be wound to any step-up ratio. Cobalt amorphous alloy toroids are used for these transformers.
I can wind single primary types and dual primary types; the dual types have independent primaries (no series / parallel connecting).
Tribute is a one-man company located in the Netherlands".

Mine took 3 months and two days to arrived. But they arrived with a "bang" if you know what I mean.
Why on Earth Pieter can offer a product like this, with exceptional price and sound, and is not "very" popular here yet (US)it seems is beyond me. Or maybe I am one of the "mis-informed" , I do not know. Someone from the Teres forum compared the transformer to the S&B TX103 4 months ago. I was in the market for a tranny during that time with a budget about a grand. As for the results of the comparison, you can deduct my impression here based on this post.

But of course, to each his own.

I tried to post this earlier to no avail. I hope it will not create a double post.

Any idea where to buy a pair of these or links to more info? Maybe a link to the other thread you allude to?

I am looking for a step up and appreciate the info but your post doesn't provide much to go on.
Hi Abe,

Great post and info, thanks. I especially like the way you incorporated a quick and easy way to adjust impedance. For real fine-tuning, try putting two resistors in each socket. This lets you create intermediate values for which no single resistor exists.

i, too, have amorphous core xformers (Lundahl, which are Swedish) & I really like them. They are dimunitive in size (PCB mounted i.e. w/o flying leeds) but their sound is anything but dimunitive! Very natural is what I'd call it. No regrets w/ the amorphous core xformer from my side!
Also, noticed that you have the Groneberg TS Premium interconnect (saw a blue hose-pipe like interconnect in a familiar corrugated plastic shielding)! I have these interconnects too! Not many people I know have this model - most end up w/ the Quattro. How do you like the TS Premium?
Hey Bobaywalla,

I have been using the TS premium from CD player to preamp for almost three years now. Other brands of interconnects grazed my listening room (Nordost, Synergistic research, MIT, Bogdan, Empirical Audio, etc.)before as well as several DIY that I managed to assemble. But to me, the TS Premium are the best match for my Jolida JD100 player.

As for the Lundahl, I owned the LL9206 twice! I bought both pairs (2 kits) brand new from Kevin Carter of K&K Audio. Why twice? I sold one of the kit out of haste. The other one, I owned it for 22 months and used it with the Teres for my Wright WPP100C. Sounds great also.

Hi Raul,

I only have three systems in use, the rest I sold. Sorry, have not updated my system page. What I got are,

1. Maggie, with ICE H2O
2. MLTL based Fostex 167E, and Adire Audio Shiva subs(2) with 8WPC 300B amp
3. Bozak 401, Mapletree Mapletree Audio Octal 6A, Dynaco ST 70, Sony CD player

Both system 1 and 2 share the Supratek preamp, Jolida JD100, and the Teres.

For HT, I got Yamaha RXV1 receiver, Paradigm mains and center, M&K surrounds, with Velodyne Sub.