A tale of two sides

Hi everyone and thank you for all posts that i have been able to read to gather knowledge on what system to purchase, pitfalls to avoid and increase my overall knowledge during this journey.

My conundrum is as follows:
I very much enjoy listening to music all day and some sort of white noise at night while falling asleep. I am a firm believer of enjoying my set up as much as possible, and therefore we have placed my system in my office, which doubles as my bedroom (city living) to get the most out of it. That being said, slowly this feeling has been creeping up on me that i am wearing my system out without really appreciating it during listening sessions (sometimes its runs for 48 hours non stop though be it at low levels). I am in and out of the office all day, phone calls etc. so not in listening mode but still enjoying the moments like now while listening and writing an email etc.

My question is, am i wearing my gear out and if so why and how? And if you think I am overusing any recommendations for a inexpensive streaming set up for low level listening? Lets say $3K or less for a decent set up?



Thanks everybody! Seems like the consensus is enjoy and keep it cool . Luckily I like it cold so I shall enjoy and shift my focus to buying a nice Tube pre-Amp to use with this system 😏.