Aardvark Ethernet noise isolator

Has anyone tried one of these? Love the name...

I have an Ether Regen which outputs fiber to my Lumin X1.

So, I guess this device would go into the input of the Ether Regen but would its use of fiber out negate the Aardvark advantages? Will I be able to tell if it improves sound quality?

Anyway, I am such a tweaker that I went ahead and ordered one anyway.

Just looking for anyone who may have experience with the device.



So, after much testing, for me, in my system, with the Ether Regen, I did not hear any benefit with using the Aardvark. As a matter of fact, I thought the bass was diminished. My hat’s off to the seller who allowed me to try it and then grant a refund (-) shipping costs. This seems to be the only way to tell if these types of filters will work well within a system.

Perhaps without the Ether Regen this device would have performed differently.

I sent it back.




the Etherregen‘s active moat actually performs the same function as the Aardvark. In my system using an additional Pink Faun Isolator between reclocked and LPS‘d Etherregen and streamer actually further cleans up the stream. I guess it is a function of the incoming signal and EMI/RFI as well as ground level incursions near the system. So totally concur: you can‘t know unless you try.

No, sorry.

The EtherRegen is essential to my set up because it outputs the fiber to my Lumin X1. There was no way to try the Aardvark after the EtherRegen. If it couldn’t improve at the front end, then I had no need for it.

But others should try it with different equipment it may just impress.


Nice to hear about your results on your system.  I just purchased 2 used Pink Faun Ethernet Isolators to try out in multiple locations: in front of my optical, after my optical and without my optical. Anyone else have experience using Pink Faun Isolators?