Ethernet 7

I have 2 ethernet cables 7 from the company INAKUSTIK: one 30 feet and one 10 feet. I need to put them together to be able to connect from my router to my music server. Will an ordinary female female coupler affect the quality of my sound. Entrez votre texte ...
If it is a true CAT 7 cable then it will have isolation/grounding between the pairs of wires.
You are going to need a female to female coupler that has a grounding feature.
This should be a good coupler:

But, I would contact INAKUSTIK first, to be sure.
Since he is adept at electrical configurations, I would PM member Jea48 and get his take on this.
My experience is limited to my recent foray into rewiring my ethernet cabling.
I just thought of a more direct way.
Why not splice them together?

The wires are color coded so it wouldn't be rocket science to perform.
You'd need the proper tools, though.
Though I would understand your not wanting to cannibalize your cables.😮
Better still stick a network switch in the middle rather than run a cable directly from router to streamer. The switch (ideally with quite power supply) will act as a buffer between router and streamer, blocking some of the noise from the router. The switch won’t block all the noise as it will emit some of its own but a lot better than not having one. :)