Aaron Neville's "Warm Your Heart"

Many years ago I was in a audio store in Jakarta, Indonesia. The store sold Audio Research gear, and were demo-ing an ARC cd/pre/power combo with a locally made speaker which looked a bit like a Watt/Puppy.

Anyway, they played Aaron Neville's Warm Your Heart, and i was knocked out by how good the imaging was on "Ave Maria". You could hear this distinct "wet clicking" type of sound which was clearly coming from the back of his throat, which made the peformance seem very lifelike and engaging.

I have since bought both the regular CD of Warm Your Heart, and later the XRCD version, and played both hundreds of times on many other different systems, but never heard any resolve this "clicking" so clearly. I can hear the "clicking" is there, but it is never very prominent amd doesnt add anything to the sense of "being there" . Was it that the system I heard that day was extremely resovling, or were those Watt/Puppy clones "tipped up" in some way, making those sounds stand out?

I found out later there's another release of Warm Your Heart, a non-XRCD gold version. Could this have been the version I heard, and perhaps it was a better mastering?

One of life's great mysteries I would love to solve...

Kind regards
Sometimes it is hard to reproduce that special effect you've hear in another system, another location. I remember hearing the original krell 50 and pam1 on my roxan TT playing Nanci Griffith's "One Fair Summer Evening" There was a wonderful crunch quality to the bass of the electic piano on I beleive it was "I would bring you Ireland" that the krells' did unlike anything I've heard before or since. Sometimes synergy can't be easily repeated.
This is a very good recording.

I first heard it at a Wilson Audio demo, on Watt Puppies with monster Krell amps.

After the demo, I just bought the regular version from the bins at Tower Records, which sounds great.

Sorry cant help you with the "clicking".

Best wishes.