? about installing MM Clearaudio Maestro Cartridge

New Cartridge comes with a 3 hole metal plate. Is this plate required to fit between the headshell of the tone arm and the cartridge. My tone arm has a detachable Wand for my JVC QL Y66F turntable and its underside has a metal plate that contacted my previous Empire EDR9 and my ortofon. Other then wiring diagram and specs the cartridge comes with no info about installation.

This is a wood cartridge body

Any help appreciated

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Tthanks for looking I didn't get the second hand MA 1 Silver Edition I lusted for. Came to my senses = price unreasonably high compared to other MA 1's recently sold here on Audiogon and else where. Still waiting for the new tt from Galibier. No need for a Preamp Phono till I decide on my Power Amp. I did get a new 16.5 RCM.

I Hooked up the New Clearaudio Maestro Cartridge without the plate and it sounds wonderful. Hearing so many things I never heard before. Is it 5 times better then the Empire EDR 9 ? no I dont think so. It is a 100 times better !

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