Above and beyond.....

Hi Guys 'n Gals,

I recently purchased a tube preamp from Peter, aka Mr. Stereo, for a very attractive price. This piece is in incredibly nice condition considering its age and all the controls work as new. It did arrive with a somewhat noisy tube in the phono stage though. After some study of the situation I figured the best place to start was with a new tube set from the manufacturer believing that would provide me with a listening standard to work from. I had advised Peter of the bad tube and he instantly offered to replace it or allow me to return the preamp. I declined to return the unit as I'm happy with what I got for the little amount I paid and informed Peter that replacement tubes weren't expected. I left appropriate positive feedback and moved on to buying the new tube set which will take a while to arrive. Today, while mowing the grass I saw my mail had been delivered and guess what? Peter had sent me two new tubes. I would have handled this exactly the same way if the situation were reversed but rarely does a vendor treat me as I would treat others. I love reading about things that reaffirm the goodness of mankind and this is a small example that I thought I'd share with the group. This website continues to amaze me. Positive peer pressure abounds and we look out for one another. Many of us have friendships that we've developed without even meeting each other. If only the entire planet would learn to do as we do here at Audiogon! I've gushed enough. It's time to go finish the grass so I can put these tubes in and listen to some blues in preparation for live music this evening. Peter, a sincere THANK YOU for this kind gesture.

Great story! I bought a cd player from Peter a year or two ago and he was an absolute pleasure to deal with. I'm glad to hear he's even better than I thought. I too am constantly impressed and delighted with the quality of people I meet and deal with on this website. I've had people offer advice and suggestions and even take an obviously lengthy amount of time writing me helpful and extensive emails. The day I found this website has to be one of the best days of my audiophile life. Cheers everyone!
I bought my entire system from this website. The site has allowed me to audition lots of equipment by buying it and selling it back immediately if it did not fit into my system. My only cost for equipment that I did not keep was shipping and everyone that I bought from was a first rate seller.

In the next 2 years I will be putting together my dream system where all of the components will be bought second-hand from this website.

The 'Gon is a winner.